We are calling for expressions of interest in running two Jeremiah Watt workshops September 2010.

Since the huge success of the engraving workshop held at our home in Kilkivan, Queensland in September 2009, we are offering you a chance to attend 2 classes with this world renowned saddlemaker and silversmith.

 5-day Leather carving class will cover:

  • Layout, design and styles and the various tools required.
  • Borders and geometric stamping (baskets, blocks and waffle mixes)
  • Alignment - incorporating borders and end borders
  • Swivel knives, assorted blades - best sharpening techniques and attaining tool control
  • The many facets of floral carving
  • Carving stages and layer of carving order, tool selection, handling tools and achieving the colour
  • Leather tannages, leather casing and surface preparation - the key ingredients to any good floral carving.
  • Transferring patterns to leather, drawing patterns in place, creating patterns for archival pruposes, and making us of tap-offs
  • Finished product preparation, do we oil or apply antique or both and who we it cleanly

5-day Advanced engraving class will cover:

  • Conquering the square graver and all its angles for the greatest control and effect
  • Tackling lettering from the pencil to the graver of choice and which is best
  • Designing and cutting execution with various background effects as the key to fulfilling the design basics (drawing is involved)
  • Methods of attaining the back ground effects and which may best lend themselves to differing styles. Colouring backgrounds to best effect.
  • Gold wire inlay, finishing and shadow cutting.
  • On-laying silver on a steel surface, any design, dressing and engraving to final product.
  • Sculpting to attain the greatest depth and 3 dimensional effect in your engraving
  • Colouring and enhancements that engravers can apply to the final product.
  • A short primer on photography of a finished product, using the simplest setup, then take care of the image and preparation for publication or web site use.
2009 Jeremiah Watt Silversmith Course

The schools will be located in Ty's well equipped workshop again with meals and accommodation by arrangement.

Those who are interested in this unique opportunity should register early as a minimum number of confirmed participants will be required in order to make these classes run.

Contact Ty or Caron  Email:   phone:  07 5484 1593

Check out Jeremiah's link regarding the proposed classes and then browse through his colourful, artistic and always entertaining website.